Owlkeyme Arts

The Art of Laura Tempest Zakroff

Q. Where are you located? Do you have a store?

A. Owlkeyme Arts Studio is based in the Central District area of Seattle, WA and is available by appointment only.

E-mail us if you'd like to schedule a visit for a custom order or to view available artwork.


Ordering & Shipping Questions:


Q. How often do you ship? What method?

A. About once a week. If you need something rushed, please contact us to see if this is possible.

We prefer to ship USPS Priority Mail, but first class and air mail may be possible, as well as Express. If you would like any special services like insurance, certified, etc, that also can be arranged for the additional cost of the service.


Q. I want to order multiple items - can you combine shipping?

A. Yes. Please email us with a list of the items you would like to order (name, quantity, plate/size) and where they will be shipped to.


Q. I see something on your website or facebook gallery I want, but I can't seem to order it?

It may be out of stock - or maybe not. Best thing to do is to email us and ask about the item. Things move fast around here!


Q. I want "X" print in 11x14 or 16x20. Can you do that? How much?

On most of the artwork, we can do larger prints. Please let us know which piece and how big you want, and where we will be shipping to. Then we can give you a quote on how much it will cost.


Q. Are you still doing bellydance costuming?

A. Yes, but I'm not producing it to create general stock. I will do short runs of particular items as I get inspired (especially Whoodlets, Shruggeries, and Hair Thingies), and will create haute couture items which can be found in ephemera when available. Mostly, I create corset belts, bras, vests, skorsets by custom order only.



A. Sorry, this ain't Target, we don't do returns. We can exchange undamaged items for similar products, but as noted, all jewelry is unique and hand-finished. The color of the artwork/prints may vary from your screen to ours, so there will be some variation. There is absolutely no returns on patterns. Additional shipping on exchanges not caused by our own error will be your responsibility. (And really, all of this is here for "just in case" - in over 12 years of business, we've never had issues.)


Custom Orders

Q. Do you do custom work? How much? How long does it take?

A. Yes. Whether it's jewelry, artwork, costuming, or design, we offer custom services. How much and how fast will depend on the item, schedule and what you're looking for. All custom orders must be paid for in advance - generally a deposit with the balance due before the item is shipped/upon completion.


Q. Can you design postcards/business cards/websites/flyers for me?

A. Yes! Depending on what you need, we can design a whole package look (business cards, websites, postcards, etc), or by individual project. We offer affordable rates for quality design.


Q. Can I commission you to do a painting or drawing for me? Can you design my tattoo?

A. Possibly. Depends on what you're looking for. In most cases, if you like what you see here, and it inspires you, then it's very likely I can create something for you.